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  TV Advertising in Russia

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  Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hard Group Company has the honor to offer new advertisement opportunities in Russia:
Advertisement placements with satellite channels of NTV Plus and Tricolor TV at regional price

Audience of Tricolor TV is around 42 million people (every forth resident of Russia).
NTV Plus thematic channels’ coverage is over 35 million people

Advertisement with satellite TV channels

Tricolor TV and NTV Plus imply:

Broadcast of your ads all over the territory of Russia
Low cost of your placements (from 200 RUB/second)
Monthly audience up to 22 million of viewers (TV channel - ТV 1000 Russian Cinema)
Channels’ audience – viewers unreachable through the on-air broadcasting TV
15 new productions every month (TV channel - ТV 1000 Russian Cinema)
Round-the-clock beer advertisement (channel NTV+ Sports+, a part of 2 multiplex)
Your brand is integrated into storyline
Integration of brand into the design of a broadcasting studio
Presence in program announcements
It is possible to propose an authentic program version/ variant
Exclusive opportunity to place ads inside event footage
Production of a special news storyline to respond to client’s requirements and objectives
Design of special advertisement project to respond client’s requirements and objectives
Fine-tuned selection of audience
Space for implementation of non-standard, innovative ideas
A possibility to become a part of biggest sports event without a necessity to obtain special copyright
Major discounts offered

You will find the price lists attached, as well as sample offers and general presentation. You may receive all additional information by contacting us. We will be happy to respond to all your questions and provide you with any relevant consultancy.